CLUB:  Wynyard Bowls and Community Club

OCCUPATION: Bowls Coordinator.

AEROBOWLS USED: Evolve or Dynamic (Must have Z-scoop grip).

WHY DO YOU USE AEROBOWLS? Aero's bowls are the most comfortable bowl I've ever felt in my hand, and if you're comfortable and confident in the bowls your using, you've got the battle half won before you even start.

CAREER GOALS: Representing at the highest level and encouraging others to strive for the same.

MOST ADMIRED PLAYER: Kelvin Kerkow and Karen Murphy.

FAVOURITE GREENS: Indoor woven carpets.

FAVOURITE QUOTE: You've never got me beaten until we shake hands.


ACHIEVEMENTS:  Australian Open Pairs Champion, Multiple Bowls Australia Grand Prix winner, Over 200+ State rep games for Tasmania, 4 time Tasmanian Bowler of the Year.

A small addition piece of information that I am proud of: I’ve been an Aero and Comfitpro sponsored bowler since the beginning of the Aero brand in 2012, moving to Aero from Taylor Bowls, and haven’t looked back.


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