AeroBowls UK currently has a new UK distributor in Alex Marshall Sports so until their new website is up please contact for all UK orders
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At AeroBowls, our mission is to ensure complete customer satisfaction with innovative product designs, superior manufacture and the best performing bowl.

Same Line Every Time

We guarantee your set is perfectly matched and every set of that model has the same line. This precision is made possible due to Aero Precision Technology; every bowl is made to an accuracy of 1/10000 mm. All processes are fully approved by World Bowls Ltd. Our designs and manufacturing techniques carry numerous patents. We guarantee that your set complies with the master bowl minimum bias provided to us by World Bowls Ltd.

Manufacturing Guarantee

We offer a 15 year manufacturing defect from the date stamp on your set which covers manufacturing defects. Please note the guarantee does not cover wear and tear, fading, scratches, pit marks, chips, removal of paint caused by stickers or otherwise. 
All Aero Bowls are made from solid melamine and are coloured all the way through. We suggest polishing your set with a cloth and a non-abrasive polish will keep your set looking good for years. We recommend Monkey Grip which has been tried and tested on all bowls.

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