CLUB: Trevallyn, TAS

OCCUPATION: University Student

AEROBOWLS USED: Dynamics on most surfaces above 13 however Space for really slow tracks which are quite common in Tassie. Soon I will have a set of Evolves which seem very versatile for most conditions.

WHY DO YOU USE AEROBOWLS? I like how there is such a large variety of products (Bowls, Colours, Grips, Half sizes) which can be used to suit differing bowlers needs and wants. All of the bowls models are consistent, reliable and allow a bowler to play in any condition with great confidence and success. The Nirvana shoes are incredibly comfy and prevent me from having sore feet after long days of bowls.


  • Complete my education degree at university and gain a full time job.
  • Bowls - After uni hopefully return into the Emerging National Squad.
  • Win an Alley Shield 
  • Reach 100 state games played

MOST ADMIRED PLAYER: My Brother (Michael Sims) - I think lots of my tactical game and shot selection ability I have developed from looking up to him.

FAVOURITE GREENS: Toss up between Broadbeach Green 4 or Bundoora RSL Middle green.

FAVOURITE QUOTE: "A team of champions will never beat a champion team."

OTHER HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Just about any sport, particularly the NFL, personal health and wellbeing.


  • State Open Mens Team Representative (44 Games)
  • Alley Shield Silver Medalist 
  • 1 Trans Tasman Development Series for Australia
  • Australian Junior Bowler of the Year Runner up
  • Runner up State Singles
  • Runner up State Pairs
  • Runner up State Fours
  • 2 x Regional singles titles
  • 2 x Regional fours titles
  • 1 x Regional triples title
  • 2 x Junior Golden Nugget Qtr Finalist
  • 3 years as fly-in player in Melbourne metro pennant
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