Cameron won the 1994 World Indoor Bowls Championship partnering Ian Schuback. In the same year he won the Pairs Gold Medal at the 1994 Commonwealth Games in Victoria, Canada. Curtis became the national coach for Australia and led the team to a record medal haul at the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

CLUB: Wenty Leagues Bowling Club

OCCUPATION: Bowls Manager

AEROBOWLS USED: Optima & Groove

WHY DO YOU USE AEROBOWLS? Love the feel and the line of the bowls.

CAREER GOALS: Representing Australia & winning a Commonwealth Games Gold Medal. Achieved 1994.

MOST ADMIRED PLAYER: Richard Corsie (Scotland)

FAVOURITE GREENS: Tift Dwarf - firm 16-18 seconds.

FAVOURITE QUOTE: "It's not how many you play, it's when you play them!!" - Ian Schuback

OTHER HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Investing, Crypto, Sports, Learning new things. 


  • Commonwealth Games Gold Medal Pairs - Canada, 1994
  • World Indoor Pairs Champion - Preston, England 1994
  • Represented Australia
  • Represented NSW
  • Qantas Jetabout International Singles & Pairs Champion - 1992
  • Jack High International Singles - Runner Up 1995
  • Australian Fours Champion 1990
  • Australian Champion of Champion Pairs Winner 2013
  • NSW State Championships Won - 7 
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