Innovations that changed the game

Innovations that changed the game

10 Different models specifically designed to suit both Southern and
Northern Hemisphere conditions, carpet and grass.

For Aus/NZ -Turbo Pro-Dynamic-Evolve-Optima-Defiance-Space and for the
conditions found in the rest of the World,


4 Grips-provide maximum comfort and balance, ZScoop-Aero Dentations-Zig Zag-Plain rings

Half sizes through the range for the perfect fit

Inventors of Large size Logos both in outline and solid

Personalised Logos.-vitually anything required

Over 50 colours Solid Colours,Speckled Colours,Trifecta,Quad,Duo,Picasso,Rainbow
and almost any combination a customer desires

Robotic Production for the the most accurate bowls ever made with every set
of that model the same as the next set.

The world’s best agree for ultimate success nothing beats the True Trajectory
and the Same Line Everytime found in every Aero Bowl.

Harbour Bridge Trajectory demanded by the worlds best for incredibly accurate bowling

Bowls Bags Inventors of the Two Bowls Bags now common in most bags

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