Aero Algorithms

Aero Algorithms

On Aero it comes Standard with Every Set!

Most modern lathes in use today use a cutter with a diamond too, no big deal in this, the diamond tool gives a smooth finish to any product made on such a lathe including a bowl.

Now here is the big deal!, the accuracy of the bias found on our various models offer the bowler the same line every time. This is done by using the very complex ALGORITHMS we have written.

We call it the TRUE TRAJECTORY.

Aero use the worlds most accurate robots, that work to 5000mm.

We've written programmes that comprise of around 35000 lines for our complex Algorithms to come to life.

The result, the most accurate bowls ever made.

Now you know why Aero have the guarantee..
The same line Everytime, with a True Trajectory.

It stands to reason that you'll play more accurately with Aero precision bowls.


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