Aero Bowls – The lawn bowl of the future with every bowl and every set perfectly matched – something never achieved in bowls manufacture previously. We are the only manufacturer to guarantee this in writing.



The Aero robotic factory and the other brands factories are light years apart.

At Aero, we set about the task of making the most accurate bowls ever with assistance from the best bowlers in the world, using the latest technology.

The success of this Arc Trajectory together with the accuracy in manufacture has resulted in Aero becoming the leading brand in Australia with over 100,000 flawlessly made bowls sold to date.

Aero Bowls are Australia’s leading brand.

Aero are now exporting world wide. We manufacture 5 distinct models especially for United Kingdom and South African bowlers. The Groove is the ideal choice for Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, USA and almost all other bowling countries except New Zealand and Australia, where specific models are required for their very fast greens.

Please see our Trajectory page for information on each model


Aero make 10 models of bowls, every model is visually different to the next on the green. It’s only Aero with our high precision robotic equipment that can do this. Our bowls are manufactured to be suitable for local conditions per country, and will perform at their best with the right selection.




Our models (in order of bias) are: Space, Defiance, Revolution, GrooveMaxim.

The World’s Most Colourful Bowl!


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