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Top Tips

Aero Top Tips

Compiled by Alex Marshall, Ellen Falkner, Karen Murphy, Kelvin Kerkow and Aron Sherriff

To bowl your personal best, you have to constantly develop your own technique. Your personal best involves skills that need to be consistent and practised regularly to perk up your game. To do so you must practice, practice, practice!

Here are some of the latest guidelines and hints from World Champions, Alex and Ellen, to help improve your game:

1. Use a Bowl that’s comfortable in your hand

You do not need the ‘biggest bowl you can hold.’ To find out what size and grip is best for you, hold the bowl upside down and if it feels comfortable and you have total control over it, then this size and grip will be fine for you.

2. Play with & against as many better players as you can

This will help to improve your game as you can learn from what shots they play and when, how they adjust their weight and observe how they take their line.

3. Purposeful practice

When you practice, go and work on something specific making sure you have a focus, for example, the draw shot, the drive shot or drawing to the ditch.

4. Review & analyse your performance regularly

Win, lose or draw, look at how you could have improved your performance whether that is mentally, technically or tactically.

5. Preparation

Give yourself the best chance to perform at your optimum level. Make sure you have time before every game to ensure you are physically and mentally 100% ready right from the trial ends, these are important to start to gain the knowledge of the surface you are playing on.

6. Set yourself goals

Always have something to aim for.

7. Be persistent

Success doesn’t come easy.

8. Watch every bowl as you will learn something

Regardless of whether it is good or bad.

9. Be patient both on and off the green

Remember that not everything happens as soon as you would like it to.

10. Try not to think about the ‘what ifs’

Focus on the task/shot in hand.

11. Anticipate your opponents approach

And plan for how you will respond.

12. Make Sure You're Having Fun!

fun-bowlsWe all play this sport for the enjoyment it can bring whether it’s for social or competitive reasons. If you are starting to not enjoy your bowls, ask yourself why and don’t be afraid to make a change!

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