The Best Trade in Deal Ever

Applicable only in Australia
Personalised Logos & Sports/NRL Logos Not Accepted

Chipped Bowls will Not be Accepted

Turbo Pro Bowls, Special Logo Bowls & Size 5 Bowls Not Accepted

At present we can only quote on Aero Models with 25
Date Stamp and Higher

Want to buy a new set of Aero, the latest grip, colours or perhaps a different model and size, well here is the most convenient way to do this. 

We will offer you a guaranteed trade in on your existing Aero set…’s never been this easy to obtain a new set of Aero Bowls, the world’s most accurate bowls.

How it Works

Complete the below easi-to-fill form (it will take a minute or two).

2 Click send and in 7 to 14 days we’ll give you your special trade in price.

3 If you are satisfied with the price(no bargaining please as we virtually guarantee a more than fair price )…. then Order and pay for a new set of Aero Bowls online, or call us or email us at with all your details.

4 Once you receive your NEW set return your old Aero bowls to us in the same box….easiest is to post them back using the self addressed label. (You need to pay the postage) As soon as we receive your set back, we’ll check it to the description you gave and then we’’ll pay into your bank account the AGREED Exchange price.

Note: Personalised Logos cannot be exchanged.

Kelvin Kerkow has agreed to be the judge if you don"t agree with our expert decision, we’ll send him a photo for his final decision.

There is no easier way to buy a new set of Aero. Enjoy your new bowls.